The Underestimate Distributed Storage Project Datamall Chain(DMC)in 2023

The Underestimate Distributed Storage Project Datamall Chain(DMC)in 2023

Datamall Chain (DMC) officially announced that it had formed strategic partnerships with OKX,, BIT Mining, IPFSMain, BCT Inc and many other institutions.

DMC provides the Web3 with the first truly scalable, reliable, fully decentralized, and highly efficient marketplace for decentralized storage, database, and compute power, improving the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency world.

Now we analyze DMC from four dimensions

Technology Capability

Datamall Chain (DMC) is an open source project based on Cyber File System (CYFS), the next generation open source Web3 protocol that enables complete decentralization and replaces TCP/IP, DNS, and HTTP. DMC creates a decentralized storage marketplace to provide users with secure, efficient, and authentically decentralized storage service. It is also one of the few real Web3 projects in the market today.

1. Lower price

DMC adopts blockchain-based underlying storage technology. Its hardware requirements are fairly low, and it does not need professional refrigeration system maintenance. This enables DMC to effectively reduce overall storage system cost, thus benefitting every user.

2. Higher availability

Because the data is stored in a distributed mannerat various nodes, DMC achieves a higher level of overall network availability and efficiency.

3. Higher security

By storing data at various nodes in a distributed manner, DMC possesses better data reliability, disaster recovery, anti-DdoS and other inherent security characteristics than centralized servers.

4. Better data privacy protection

The data is segmented and stored at various nodes, and there is an encryption mechanism to ensure data security and privacy.

DMC Founding Team

Victor Chen

Victor Chen is the President of DMC Foundation, and he also has served as CTO of UNISWDC, CEO of Santa Clara Tech. Co. and Chief Representative of IBM Networking China. Victor Chen has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry and entrepreneurship, with deep experience in data transfer, compute, and storage technology for the underlying hyper-converged architecture of big data analytics systems.

In 2012, he cooperated with Unigroup, one of the biggest IT servicers and presided over the development of the Cloud Computer, the world’s first all-in-one cloud computing machine with independent intellectual property rights, and later he established a joint venture company withWestern Digital Corporation, the world top hardware company, received an investment of billions of dollars.In 2009, he became the chief representative of Blade Network Technology Inc. and presided over the establishment of the largest R&D base in the Eastern Hemisphere with an investment of $8 million. In 2011, he took office as the regional general manager of IBM System Network after Blade NetworkTechnology Inc was acquired by IBM. He has a strong influence in the field of distributed storage and IT technology development.

Xinglu Lin

Xinglu Lin is the Chief Technology Officer and has been the co-founder ofDoNews,,, Beijing Xinen Tech, and Shenzen Xiaoxi Tech. He has been working in the Internet industry for more than 20 years and has rich experience in entrepreneurship. He joined Yinghaiwei at the age of 17 and launched DoNews in 2000 and was a pioneer of Web 2.0 in the early days of the industry. He was involved in the formation and acquisition of several companies with well-known entrepreneur Cai Wensheng, including, which was sold to Google in 2007. In the Internet industry, he is known as a constant winner.

Thi Thumasathit

Thi as Chief Marketing Officer, was graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and is an experienced and well-rounded company builder who has nurtured 5 different Silicon Valley startups from the ground up. He also has been holding marketing and product management roles at B2C, SaaS, ad tech and cybersecurity companies. He has worked at top consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Silicon Graphics, eHealth and NexTag, and has a strong track record in brand building and marketing.

Zainan Victor Zhou

Zainan Victor Zhou isthe Chief Technical Consultantof DMC and lead author of ERC-1202 Voting Standard, Co-founder of, and he is also a well-known Web3builder and investor. He enjoys high prestige in ETH community and has made great contributions to the ETH ecology.

The Investors behind Datamall Chain (DMC)

OKX: Top 2 global trading platform focusing exploring the best blockchain projects around the world. Top 5 global well-known trading platform, focusing on discovering valuable projects and helping the development of blockchain industry.

Lingfeng Capital: the main principal person in charge is the former executive director of Binance Investment Department. It is committed to investing in global early-stage Web3 venture companies and has successfully invested in Jingdong Technology (JDT), Crypto Finance, the famous Swiss digital asset platform, and Archax, the only regulated multinational digital asset exchange in the UK, etc.

Draper Dragon: A globally renowned early-stage investment fund, Draper Innovation Fund focuses on discovering unicorn companies and has successfully invested in Coinbase, VeChain ($VET), Ballet (Cryptocurrency Wallet), QTUM ($QTUM), Oasis ($ROSE), etc.

BTCM: BIT Mining (NYSE: BTCM) is the world’s first public blockchain company. It is also a well-known public company in the blockchain mining industry.

Popularity in market

The official Datamall Chain (DMC) tweet recently held an airdrop event with 5000DMC. In one week, the tweet view has reached 110,000 and more than 5000 users has commented and quoted the twitter. More than 50,000 people participated the airdrop event. what’s more, there a lot of tutorials of how to participate the DMC airdrop event on Youtube and twitter posted by many blockchain media accounts. And both DMC Discord community and Telegram community are very active. In a cold market, DMC still draws such a strong attention, which shows that DMC has extraordinary strength.

The Underestimate Distributed Storage Project Datamall Chain(DMC)in 2023

The Underestimate Distributed Storage Project Datamall Chain(DMC)in 2023

In conclusion, DMC is a very noteworthy distributed storage project, no matter in terms of technical strength, founding team, capitalists or popularity. Even in a bear market, DMC still can get the investment from big institutions, which shows the unparalleled technical strength and vision of DMC.